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Kenzan 70mm

Kenzan 70mm

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Flower fakir, fakir, or kenzan as it's called in Japanese, is a fantastic tool for creating beautiful and elegant floral arrangements on your own. Choose some lovely flowers from the store, gather from your garden or nature, and easily create everyday magic.

If you gather wild materials outdoors, make sure to check with the landowner and be careful not to pick protected materials.

The benefits of a Kenzan:

  • You can make quick and easy arrangements with just a few flowers or branches
  • The Kenzan allows you to create minimalistic arrangements that emphasize lines and visual movement.
  • Is an environmentally friendly tool, Since a Kenzan can be reused again and again.


Our Kenzan is delivered in a matte black paper box.

Size: 70 mm Material: Tin (Base) Copper (Spikes) Weight: 360 grams Number of spikes: 271

Care Instructions: Clean your fakir with a dish brush or toothbrush after use. Place it upside down on a towel to allow it to dry between uses. The fakir should not be constantly submerged in water, as there is a risk of discoloration. Discoloration of the surface / dish / bowl may also occur with prolonged use.

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