• with PlanterPole you can

    take your plants to new heights

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  • Simple Concept

    vertically oriented, adjustable, modular wooden frame. I guess you could say inspired by nature

  • Clever Design

    and quality workmanship go into creating a strong and durable interconnect - the secret is in the twist

  • Elegant Functionality

    a stylish, versatile and easy way to bring a lot of joy into where you mostly spend your time

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Energise your environment - Elevate your Life

Is there somewhere in your home or work environment that's just noticably less vibey but really just don't know what to do with? No furniture really fits in there properly - it's awkward and probably ends up dormant and neglected or filled with clutter and avoided. You don't need to be a clairvoyant to see an Energetic 'dead zone' they're easy to spot. They're quite often ugly to look at for a start, are boring to be in or at the extreme feel irritating. Nothing really good comes from such spaces.

The Solution: Install a PlanterPole and breathe new life into it. Works Magic!

Where would you put your Planterpole?

  • Order

    As this is a made to order hand crafted item please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery

  • Twist

    Simply twist the pole into place, and twist the arms into the pole. No tools. No drilling.

  • Enjoy

    Relax as you and your plants enjoy the space and beauty of your new PlanterPole™

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Designed and constructed in Australia

This lovingly handcrafted piece of furniture will take pride of place in your home. Designed and constructed in Australia by our very own craftsman, you can be assured that the PlanterPole™ tension pole is of the highest quality.

Easy Assembly

No special tools. No Mess. No Fuss Installation.  Phew! We’ve designed and tested the PlanterPole™ to be as simple as possible: 

Stand up pole.

Twist base.

Slide in arms.

It's really that easy!

Space Efficient and Safe

Our easy to install tension pole design means there are no screws, glue or other damaging fixings. Keep your floor, ceiling and walls safe and beautiful. Our unique design and sturdy construction safely elevates your plants without consuming precious space. Designed to be a centrepiece of botanical beauty.

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