About Us

The idea for the PlanterPole was originally conceived sometime in 2020 by Mary Heath - a green thumbed grandma - the type that talks to her plants you know.

It was born from a simple desire one day as Mary was taken by the stark feeling of a void in a lonely corner of her home. She stood there and stared, looked it up and down a few times and thought to herself - "I want my plants THERE. And I want them to hang!"

So she started searching around to buy something that fit the bill and when she came up empty handed thought "Ah well - looks like I'll have to make it myself".

And so she set about it. A prototype ensued and without even knowing it - a journey began.

At that stage the aim was simply to create a form to provide the function that satisfied her specific need ie fill that vertical space with living greenery. It was only after several rounds of prototyping and the enthusiastic feedback from both family and friends that the potential of establishing a business around this concept became evident. And then one day in 2022 - Ping!!

PlanterPole was born.